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“Perihan stands no nonsense, is a perfectionist and if you want to feel the benefits of Pilates, then you must join her class. I am over 60, and although not as flexible as the younger classmates, my back problems have dissipated and have felt a great wellbeing from attending her classes.”


“I went to Perihan after having issues with my joints, back and knee since giving birth, the pain in my knee was gone after two classes and my back is feeling stronger each week. I definitely recommend Perihan’s classes.”

- CarinaD-1

“I have been doing Pilates with Perihan for about a year now, and enjoy every class. They are always different and really engaging. I leave each session feeling refreshed and relaxed, and can really feel and see the results of her classes.”

- Amanda Silverston, Corporate Relations Manager

“I have been attending Perihan’s Pilates classes for over 2 years now. She runs small classes and she knows her clients very well, and she designs the exercises to suit every individual’s needs. She is very intelligent and her knowledge on the human musculoskeletal system is amazing. She is unbelievably observant and able to recognise when the exercise is done wrong and she is quick to help to correct yourself in order to benefit from the exercise and prevent injuries. I feel well looked after during her classes. I have benefited from attending her classes by improving my posture, strengthening my core and toning my muscles. Perihan is passionate about her Pilates work. She is imaginative, intuitive, creative and able to think quickly. I enjoy attending her classes as she makes learning fun, and she is encouraging.”

- Polia Naydenova, Senior Medical Registrar

“Hi Perihan,
Just to say how much I enjoy your Pilates classes, and appreciate the personal and dedicated care you take to ensure that I receive the maximum benefit of the class. My existing back problem has improved with the classes, and I also have really restful night’s sleep the night of the classes. I would highly recommend to others, and as you are aware, the 2 friends I recommended who have joined your classes are also highly pleased with the results they are achieving.”

- Gabrielle Mahoney

“I tried Pilates with different teachers and then found Perihan’s classes, and have stayed with her ever since!”

- Rebecca, Clinical Psychologist

“I gave birth in the summer and was very keen to thank Perihan for all her Pilates training. It has helped so much while in labour. Since then Perihan actually qualified fully and even furthered her training so that she can offer Pilates for pregnant women too. She did a great job for me even then, so imagine what she can do to anyone now (even women who intend to become pregnant, are pregnant or have recently given birth). Perihan has the benefit of knowing so much about the human psyche that she will give those benefits to you, for free”

- Patricia, a happy new mum

“I did quite a bit of Pilates with Perihan even during her training days; the first thing I said to her was that she was so much better than the personal trainer I used to have! She was so good even while still at training.

Perihan is highly dedicated to delivering expert Pilates tuition. I experienced her as highly attentive to my posture and body structure and she was very focused in designing a Pilates programme that was specific to my physical needs.

She demonstrated the positions/movements very carefully and talked through the subtleties of each movement, so I fully understood what was required, then gave a clear feedback about how I needed to adjust my body to do the exercise correctly.

Compared to the so-called Pilates classes I attended at the gym which were frankly a waste of time and potentially dangerous, Perihan was extremely watchful to ensure I did the movements correctly and was in no risk of damaging myself. Even when the exercises were tough and strenuous I was confident that she has a very ‘safe pair of hands’, especially important for anyone with a fragile back.

I would confidently recommend her to anyone who needed careful attention to their body structure.”

- John Leary-Joyce, CEO of Academy of Executive Coaching (and amateur tango dancer)

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